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At Valor Roofing & Construction, Our Reputation is Over the Top!

Maintaining your property’s value starts at the very top. That’s why Valor Roofing & Construction offers installation, maintenance, and repair services for any residential or commercial roofing needs in the Shreveport, LA, area.
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Founder & Owner
Val is the founder and owner of Valor Roofing & Construction. To create his dream business, Val combined the best of the best: high-quality services, innovative and high-performing materials, and exceptional customer service practices. Though he takes pride in all aspects of roofing, working and living on the Gulf Coast led to a passion for quick, efficient, and transparent repairs to storm-damaged homes. He strives to provide roofing and construction assistance for all types of projects, offering solutions to an array of standard and complex issues.


John Mark has been a part of Valor Roofing & Construction since the beginning. John Mark values the trust earned when beginning new relationships with our customers. With vast knowledge of Residential and Commercial roofing systems along with the insurance restoration aspects of the business, he will be able to guide you through your projects with customer confidence.

T. Scott Wagner

Regional Sales Manager
Scott Wagoner joins our team with over 15 years of experience in homeowners and commercial insurance. He has built relationships with almost every insurance provider in the gulf coast region and is familiar with each company’s claims process. He is a husband and father of five and devotes himself to his clients as an extended family.  Educating his customers regarding their policies is his number one goal as he helps translate the complicated insurance language and terminology to better inform home and business owners during difficult times of loss.
When he’s not on a roof, you can find him on the water fishing in the Gulf of Mexico as a US Coast Guard licensed Captain. 


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